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Keepsake Kreations, Inc.


“Handcrafted Keepsakes for Life”

             Thank you for stopping by!  All of the solid wood lids to fit your baskets have been hand painted by Kathy, Owner of Keepsake Kreations, Inc.   We can custom paint any lid!  Please give us a call and let us create something unique and beautiful for you.  Please call 740-754-1898 for specific designs, stains, etc.



The Cookie Cutter People from Vermont


We carry a huge assortment of cookie cutters from Ann Clark Ltd.   If you’re looking for something specific, give us a call at 740-754-1898 or drop us an Email .


All Cutters - $3.75* ea.


Also perfect for cutting out Jello Jigglers, pancakes and sandwiches!




Skilled craftsmen make Whetstone Woodenware™ from kiln dried hard maple. After 17 hand operations and a final polishing, the products are treated with mineral oil. The hard maple tree is grown and milled in the USA.

A large selection of cooking utensils from Whetstone Woodenware is available at Keepsake Kreations, Inc.  Contact us for pricing and item list. 


*Applicable Tax and shipping will be applied to entire order.

Contact us for details.

Keepsake Kreations, Inc.

507 Main Street P.O. Box 733 Dresden, Ohio 43821

Phone:  (740) 754-1898   Email: kathy@keepsakekreations.biz





Contact Us


     At Keepsake Kreations you will find a wide assortment of hand painted lids for both baskets and pottery. 



     If you’re looking for a special motif or color combination call us for pricing. 



     All lids are solid wood, hand painted and glazed with polyurethane for protection.



     We also have a wide variety of hand painted decorative items you won’t find anywhere else.





     From eye catching quilted table centerpieces to crocheted kitchen towels and even a hand painted wine bottle/glass caddy (shown in photo at left) our products are the highest quality and created with attention to detail.



     You will find the perfect gift for someone special here at Keepsake Kreations.



     We hope you will stop in to see us soon!

     We can create a customized Keepsake on any basket or lid.  You choose your colors and your designs.  The above is a Longaberger® Kiddie Purse that has been customized for a Baby.  The price includes the basket and customization.